Esta cuenta de Instagram te sitúa en las localizaciones exactas de montones de películas y series
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Esta cuenta de Instagram te sitúa en las localizaciones exactas de montones de películas y series


No es la primera vez que desde Diario del Viajero os animamos a visitar lugares en los que se han rodado películas y series. Es una manera diferente de hacer turismo y aprender una cierta historia. Hoy sin movernos de casa os vamos a dar un montón de ideas para futuros (ojalá) viajes porque esta cuenta de Instagram te sitúa en las localizaciones exactas de montones de películas y series.

De la mano de Thomas Duke nos vamos a dar una vuelta por 'The Crown', 'Downton Abbey', 'Glee'... o lo que es lo mismo, Londres, Nueva York, Oxford. Toda una manera original de mezclar fotos reales con imágenes de películas y series.

Londres es todo un plató

Empezamos con una película de acción basada en un comic, porque Peter Parker se paseó con sus telas de araña por el Tower Bridge en 'Spiderman far from home' (y tan lejos que estaba)

Desde la hilarante 'Parks and Recreation' también se desplazaron hasta Londres para encontrar grandes diferencias y de paso recaudar fondos para @feedinamerica

Grandes, muy grandes son los dos capítulos de 'Friends' en los que se trasladan a Londres a la boda de Ross. El tour por la ciudad con Joey martirizando al pobre Chandler es la visita perfecta. No podía faltar Westminster Abbey... Una pena que no se encontrara este muchacho a Sarah Fergusson o a Sir Richard Branson también.

Vamos con un par de ellas más de esos dos capítulos de 'Friends', porque Joey se "situó en su mapa" delante de su hotel en Grosvenor Square.

Una de las escenas más graciosas de 'Love Actually' tiene lugar en Selfridge's en Oxford Street, donde el inolvidable Alan Rickman quiere comprar discretamente una joya para su "amiguita" pero tiene la mala suerte (no para nosotros) de toparse con Rowan Atkinson.

Una película de James Bond sin que Daniel Craig y sus predecesores corran por la ciudad persiguiendo a alguien, no es una película de Bond. Si exceptuamos a su Graciosa Majestad, 007 es lo más británico que existe. Si no conseguís reconocer la escena es porque pertenece a la nueva película, 'No time to die', que no se estrenará hasta noviembre. El sitio sí debéis reconocerlo porque es Whitehall.

Como también deberíais reconocer esta escena de 'Skyfall' en la que persigue por una estación de metro a Javier Bardem. No busquéis parecidos (aunque se pueden sacar): está rodada en una estación cerrada de la Jubilee Line en Charing Cross.

It is not a choice. It is a duty. ad | I teamed-up with @netflixuk to explore the royal elegance & beauty of @thecrownnetflix Following in the footsteps of such golden splendour was quite an extravagant feeling standing where Olivia Colman, Her Majesty, spoke her speeches as she firmly commanded a country. This series is woven through the history of Britain, filmed all over the authentic landscape and architecture of the United Kingdom, and done so with the utmost respect, honour, and justice to the crown. Every member of the cast embodies their true-to-life persona with talent and suave, its truly a delight to watch this series grow into the arms of the nation. Season 4 is already gearing up to be an intense insight into the next chapter of the Royal family. London. Reading. Buckingham. Windsor. Wales - just some of the stunning locations used from around the UK for filming. This production is primarily set in London with the first two shots seen here taking place at the Royal Naval College in Greenwich (also home to many Hollywood blockbusters) with the others being shot all around the lush countryside of stately homes and glorious estates. I feel extra British while writing all of this, proud to be It was a real joy to explore all of these locations and to step through this royally stunning historical slice of television. #thecrown #netflix #oliviacolman #clairefoy #charlesdance #mattsmith #helenabonhamcarter #queen #monarchy #royalfamily #uk #british #england #london #buckingham #locations #tv #photography #art

Y hablando de su Graciosa Majestad, Isabel II, no pueden faltar localizaciones de 'The Crown', en este caso de la espectacular temporada 3 con Olivia Colman comiéndose a todos en pantalla. Tenéis ahí el Royal Naval College de Greenwich, Reading, Windsor y también Gales.

Nueva York no se queda a la zaga

La muerte de Naya Rivera hace unos días nos volvió a traer 'Glee' a nuestras memorias, así que viene que ni pintada esta llegada de dos de los protagonistas a Times Square buscando la fama.

Destrozadita dejan Nueva York los Vengadores cada vez que la visitan.

Que menos mal que Grand Central Station no sufrió ningún daño en la realidad.

Las películas de Harry Potter también tienen su espacio

Tanto desde Diario del Viajero como desde Espinof os hemos llevado a un montón de localizaciones de películas de Harry Potter, pero esta es una manera diferente de ver Hogwarts: la Catedral de Gloucester vuelve a recibir a sus personajes.

Harry, Ron y Hermione se pasean por Londres escapando de los Mortífagos en la primera parte de 'Harry Potter y las Reliquias de la Muerte'

Y la enfermería de Hogwarts es en realidad un aula de uno de los colleges de Oxford: la Oxford Divinity School.

Las películas y las series están llenas de grandes mansiones

This is hilarious. I got an Oscar I love you all Olivia Colman is a national treasure on and off screen. I just rewatched her Oscar speech and it made me teary eyed yet again. Her authenticity and joy is infectious The beautiful artistry that @thefavouritemovie conjured up is cinema at its most interesting. It was an absolute pleasure to visit the house where filming took place (@hatfield_house ) and to follow in the footsteps of such a mesmirising cast and crew. Olivia Colmans performance fills the screen with real flare, her Oscar was rightfully deserved in every single way The same can be said with every other cast member. They all made this film such a rich and unique taste of history which the director, Yorgos Lanthimos, really made into something special. Thank you to everyone at Hatfield House for allowing me to capture this wonderful film. What you see on screen really mirrors the essence and extravagance of the real house, theyll be having the costumes from the film on display from the 1st May Its definitely worth a visit if youre interested. For filming, they had to be very careful in every room. Its a privately owned estate but sections of the house are open to the public. They filmed during the closed season and had to slightly re-arrange paintings and furniture to suit their needs. Hatfield House is a very well-used location for filming and one thats recogniseable from Wonder Woman, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, Sherlock Holmes, Paddington 2 and The Crown to name but a few. #thefavourite #oliviacolman #rachelweisz #emmastone #lgbt #queen #history #oscars #cinema #british #filmlocation #film #photography #art #explore

Hattfield House ha sido escenario de un montón de películas, aunque aquí se centren en 'La Favorita'. También la hemos visto en 'The Crown', 'Charlie y la Fábrica de Chocolate', 'Sherlock Holmes' o 'Wonder Woman'...

Weve been expecting you I became a Lord for the day and visited the one and only Downton Abbey. @highclere_castle stands in for the grand escapism of the wonderful 1900s set television drama. For 5 years - 2010 to 2015 - I remember watching the series every Sunday night and now Im standing in the place where the cameras rolled and the history books unfolded. Ive recently re-watched many of the episodes and it made me remember what made this show so beloved; its characters, its costumes, its period. So much life in one house It was a pleasure to visit this grand estate and it was every bit as aesthetically pleasing as youd expect. PS. It also looks identical to the screen, inside and out There are annual tours that take place here which allow you to soak in the scenery, certainly something for the fans This past weekend was extra special as it was the week before the release of the film. Vintage cocktails and costumes a plenty; it was like stepping through the silver screen with the likes of @bonhughbon visiting as well. While filming, the entire estate was closed to the public, it was only since 201516 that people have been allowed to visit. The entirety of the downstairs scenes, as well as some of the bedrooms etc, were shot on set but mostly everything else was shot on location here and around Oxford. Thank you to Highclere Castle for your hospitality in this little adventure, I already want to come back and experience it all over again #downtonabbey #tv #1900s #worldwar #highclerecastle #british #itv #focusfeatures #history #iconic #berkshire #oxford #ladymary #lordgrantham #hughbonneville #michelledockery #maggiesmith #film #photography

Antes de que llegara 'The Crown' estábamos (y seguimos) enamorados de 'Downton Abbey' y por supuesto la joya de la corona es Highclere Castle, ese imponente castillo de Yorkshire que se puede visitar.

Englefield House es la escuela del Profesor Xavier en X-Men. El encanto de las grandes mansiones con jardines infinitos.

The Dark Knight Rises turns 8 years old I went to a triple bill of The Dark Knight Trilogy tonight all those years ago, what a LONG night that was is this the best comic book trilogy Perhaps the most influential in some cases Welcome to Wayne Manor, aka. @wollatonhall in Nottingham Here lies the resting place for the Wayne family and where Michael Caine sheds his sorrows for failing his best friend and life partner. This building is used in the final film for exterior and interior shots, with other stately homes doubling as the Manor in the two previous films. The final 3 shots are in Italy but were actually shot at the Old Royal Naval College in London Nottingham has a rich history with Batman, more so than what you may think. Gotham is the real name of a village a few miles from here. Its mentioned in a DC comic way back in 1996 that this is the place where Gotham City got its name. Couple that with the fact that Robin was born from the Robin Hood tales of old and Nottingham quickly becomes quite an important aspect in Batman lore. Another immensely satisfying exploration of superheroes in cinema through the eyes of Nolan. With the introduction of Batman Begins kicking off another era of the cloaked figure, The Dark Knight in 2008 soon came in to sweep everything else off the table. This final entry may not have been able to top the heights of Heath Ledger but wow, it was a cinematic achievement in so many ways. #batman #thedarkknight #brucewayne #joker #bane #christianbale #heathledger #tomhardy #christophernolan #dc #dccomics #comicbooks #superhero #gotham #michaelcaine #visitnottingham #film #photography #explore

Lo mismo lo que no sabíais es que Wayne Manor en 'The Dark Knight' en realidad está en Nottingham.

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